Byron Scott

Byron is a high energy individual who has always had a passion for trail building, something that has coexisted with developing himself as a highly accomplished competitive racer. Byron, the founder of Trailpro and Fourforty MTB Park built his first trails in 2003 when the Auckland club required a new downhill race course for the national series. In 2009 Byron returned from a stint of professional trail building in Chile and Portugal motivated to contribute to the New Zealand trail network as a professional. This is when he decided to create 440 Mountain Bike Park, a private commercial bike park with 25 kms of trail 1 hour from Auckland CBD. Byron is not only a competent machine operator he also has strengths in entrepreneurship, business development, stakeholder management and project management which is clear to see in the execution and quality of Trailpro’s completed projects and subsequent testimonials.

"Each trail building project I am involved in adds to the story that started with a dream to build a bike park. I want to leave a lasting impression on the sport of mountain biking in New Zealand."

Bradley Johnston

We are thrilled to introduce you to our key team member Brad, he has become a pillar in our company. His vast knowledge across building is represented in every roller, feature and berm he builds, he continues to show us why we value passion at TrailPRO. 

Over the last few years Brad has been honing his skills building at our MTB park FourForty, now he can be found at many of the tracks, trails and projects we complete across New Zealand. 

As he builds a strong reputation around the country as a top trail builder, and one heck of a friendly guy, we look forward to his craft getting more people on bikes.

Sam Stevens

Being energetic is contagious, we all need someone like that on site, doing the hard yards and making sure the finished product is something to be proud of is what we love about Sam.

As part of the elite trail builders in our team and years behind the handlebars on his motor-cross bike, Sam knows the lines, surfaces and environment to separates a good track, from a TrailPRO track.  

A weapon on the shovel, a great shaper and better digger driver, Sam's the guy. 

Ryan Hayward

As a rider born and bread Ryan has grown up on two wheels. As a passionate motor-cross rider, a sport based on resilience, hard work, and early starts,  you can see why he has chosen the life of a trail builder. 

A natural when it comes to the groves, banks, curves and flows, building a track or trail becomes art when you can feel the ride before the wheels even touch the asphalt. 

No stranger to the sacrifice and hard work, Ryan is a dedicated member of the trailPRO team.  


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