As one of New Zealand's pioneering Pump Track building companies, we have honed our skills over the last 1o years and have forged a reputation as not only experienced, but a uniquely Kiwi company. We pride ourselves on great track design and custom designs that fits within our local landscapes. Contact us today for an inquire into a track of your own. 

Life requires many lessons and many schools across Aotearoa see the huge importance of what a bicycle can offer students in real life experiences. By implementing a track in your school, it will give your kids a head start setting out into the wild and having the skills to handle any situation life throws at them. We have a large portfolio of schools tracks across the country and love watching the next generation enjoy these assets. Contact us now to begin the process of getting one into your school and community. 

We are very pleased to offer our world class trail building services to every club, council and private land owner or anyone looking to have a professional track built. As with any company it all had to start some were, and trail building is where it all began. We not only build trails across Aotearoa but have our own dedicated MTB park. At Fourforty you can test our product and see for yourself why so many in the industry chose Trailpro.

At Trailpro we are very passionate about the environment, landscapes and working towards green spaces that mould into Aotearoa. Native Planting is a passion project driven by restoring our native land back to original but including amazing community assets to get people out side, moving and away from the screen. As part of our services we can provide you with a smart, logical and attractive planting plan for any project.

Take your track, driveway or riding spot to the next level with dedicated Trailpro signs. Each sign is made to endure the elements and add some much need directions to busy tracks and trails. We have a wide range of options to suite most trail signage requirements.  Custom trail signs are also available on request. 

Our mobile skills ramps are now available to purchase on our website shop. Please note that these are only available for  purchase in the Waikato and Auckland regions and are subject to a 1 month build time. 


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