Native planting 

With every Trailpro track built we would love to compliment it with native tree planting. This also gets us closer to our goal of 1 million native trees. We can arrange everything start to finish or just advice on the correct species to plant around your new track. Talk to us about a native planting package with your new Trailpro track. 

Its about the right plants, for the correct environment 

Because of our vast experience and knowledge across native species, we have figured out and learnt about what native plants work best and where they will thrive. We can offer you a native planting package with guidance, common sense and a well trained eye for aesthetics. 

Our mission; to plant 1 million native plants

Thats right, we have already planted thousands of trees and have a long way to go. We are more then a few years away from this long term goal but its one that we are passionate about, dedicated to and with your project will get us closer to that 1 million native plants we are dedicated to achieve. 


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